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Reversing Cameras and Parking Aids

reversing sensor install

Reversing cameras and parking sensors are an invaluable upgrade to your car.

These aids not only help you navigate in tight corners and negotiate blind spots, but they are also save you money by preventing a scratch or bump. Why would you consider parking sensors or a reversing camera? Dents to your bumpers or under body panels can happen all too easily when parking in unfamiliar or confined spaces.

Front and rear parking sensors, can help to determine how close you are to an unseen object. Vehicle sensors or reversing cameras, not only make parking less stressful and safer; they could pay for themselves in a short time.

The excess on your vehicle insurance usually means you'll end up paying the full cost of any relatively minor damage, or it could mean the loss of no claims bonus! Few of us might admit that we are not the best drivers when it comes to parking in very tight spaces. A set front and rear sensors or a parking camera will help correct bad technique and make your driving experience safer.

Reversing Camera for my Porsche

Reversing Camera for my Porsche Boxster.

Installation location: London

The system is fully integrated into the PCM screen, offers dynamic gridlines and retains the OPS. optical parking system.

We offer reversing camera and parking sensors solutions, for the entire range of Porsche vehicles.

Reversing Camera for my Audi Q5

Reversing Camera for my Audi Q5.

Fitting address: Cumbria

Our integration kit offers full retro fit features and seamlessly blends into the Audi MMI screen.

Features include dynamic gridlines and retention of factory fitted parking sensors.

We have a reversing camera solution for the entire range of Audi vehicles.

Reversing Camera for my BMW Mini

Reversing Camera for my BMW Mini.

Installation address: Preston

The BMW mini has a very compact and complicated dashboard.

The screen however is based on the BMW i-Drive system.

Our camera interface works effortlessly with the i-Drive dial and offers a full landscape picture and/or a slit screen for viewing both picture and sensor image.

We stock the entire range of reversing camera solutions for the BMW vehicles.

Reversing Camera for my Lexus

Reversing Camera for my Lexus RC300H

The Lexus range of vehicle offers many high tech features, are legendry for their built quality and longevity.

The new Lexus RC300H lives up to that reputation but does not come with a parking camera.

Our camera integration kit works perfectly with the Lexus system and offers advanced features such as moving guidelines and retention of the parking audio beeps.

We stock the entire range of reversing camera solutions made for the Lexus range of cars.

Reversing Camera for my Peugeot

Reversing Camera for my Peugeot 2008

Installation Location: Birmingham

The Peugeot 2008 is a very popular SUV vehicle and offers a range of advanced features.

Our client wanted a reversing camera for their Peugeot 2008 because the factory parking sensors, could not detect small objects, when engaged in reverse.

This is a common problem, with all OEM fitted parking sensors. Our solution was a retro fit reversing camera made specifically for the Peugeot range of cars.

This kit produces fixed gridlines and retains the audio beeps.

Parking Camera for My 5 series BMW

Reversing Camera for My BMW 5-series.

Our install in the new 2017 plate BMW 5-series shows the advanced features offered by these multimedia integration kits.

Retention of OPS, optical parking system and active dynamic gridlines.

These are plug and play kits, so there is no cutting of factory wires.

Reversing Camera for my Mecedes

Reversing Camera for my Mercedes CLS

Mercedes offer many high spec. vehicles and probably have one of the largest ranges, to choose from.

As with most manufacturers, they don’t all come with reversing cameras or parking sensors.

CVA Supplies offer a reversing camera solution, for the entire range of Mercedes vehicles.

Our integration kits offer dynamic gridlines and retention of the OPS. Optical Park Assist.

Reversing Sensors for VW Transporter.
Reversing Sensors for VW Transporter.

We return to the VW Transporter, in Viper Green. This time to carry out a 4-eye reversing sensor install.

The Transporter has a low bumper, so we had to use angled sensors, so that the ground was not picked up.

Colour coded and lacquered to suit the vehicle, the Steelmate sensors looked great!

The installation for this parking aid was carried out in Manchester.

Reversing aid for Ford Mondeo
­­Reversing Sensors for Ford Mndeo.

Our client had recently scraped their bumper, of their much beloved Ford Mondeo. Insurance cost put the repair bill at our £400.00 for a direct replacement.

Opting to leave the scratch as it is and deciding to have some form of deterrent fitted instead: fit4caraudio installers recommended a 4-eye rear parking system with an on-board dash display. Not only do you get and audio beep but you also get a digital readout, with converging LED lights.

It’s about a 3 hour labour install with some great results.

This parking aid install was carried out in the Merseyside district.

Posted on 14 February 2014.

Parking aid and reversing camera installation
Rear View Camera with Clip-on mirror monitor.

Here we have a universal parking aid solution! A clip-on rear view mirror monitor and a reversing camera.

Designed to fit any vehicle; it is both practical and cost effective. Our client was delighted by the quality of the picture and ease of use.

Simple select reverse gear and the mnitor become a rear view screen.

This parking aid installation was carried out in the Burton on Trent area.

Reversing Camera for Nissan Navara
Reversing Camera for Nissan Navara.

In this installation of a reversing camera, we opted to use the rear view clip on mirror monitor. The Standard stereo did not have an AV input, so the cost effective option was to use a clip-on mirror system. The reversing camera is of a very high quality and used a new technology, known as “True View”.

The final part of the install was to add a manual switch to control the on/off camera operation.

This installation of the reversing camera was carried out in the Scottish region.