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Blackvue in-car recording cameras.

Most of us lead busy lives and with an evergrowing demand for driving, it's eneviable that we can sometimes end up being involved in an accident! Most of the times it’s a genuine accident, but there is a growing criminal culture of “where there is blame, there is gain”.

With an in-car recording camera you are able to prove on the spot, who was to blame. Blackvue, the UK market leader, for premium dash cam, offers an affordable solution for your vehicle.

Choose from a front recording camera, a rear recording camera, or the complete solution of front and rear cameras. Blackvues' premium line, offers Wi-Fi set up, so you can instantly playback the recording on your Smartphone, via the Blackvue app.

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Blackvue Recording Camera

Blackvue front recording camera.

Here is an example of a front recording camera, by Blackvue. Our install will give you a very discreet look and the power comes from a dedicated hardwire kit, via an ignition. Brands such as Blackvue and Thinkware, give you true HD recording and are considered to be the reference standard.

Thinkware Front and Rear Recording Cameras

Thinkware front and rear recording camera for my car.

Thinkware front and rear recording camera systems, are perhaps the most advanced Dashcams you can buy.

With their wide angle true HD lens, they provide the sharpest images available. Our engineers hardwire Dashcams to your ignition, so as not to drain your car battery.

Why THINKWARE? Here are the reasons why you should consider this brand:

1) Extensive In-house Testing

2) Superb Video Quality

3) No1. Brand in the Recording market

Blackvue Recording Camera for my Jaguar

Blackvue 750s 2 Channel Recording Cameras.

Here is an example of the excellent Blackvue 720s 2 channel recording camera system.

You have true HD recording, that can be viewed live, via a smart phone. The Blackvue app also allows you to personalise your setting.

Blackvue recording camera are available as a front only, recording camera or as a dual recording camera system.


Blackvue 4K DVR installation

Blackvue 4K DR 900S installation - 2 channel - front and rear.

This particular recording camera is the latest in UHD, Ultra high definition recording, offering the sharpest and clearest image recording.

If you are after the best recording cameras money can buy, then the Blackvue DR900S 2 channel cameras are the best you can buy.

Location of installation: Liverpool.