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DAB Radio upgrade for my car

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DAB - Digital Radio Broadcast, the future of in-car radio and a natural successor to FM.

Analogue radio, as we know it will cease to exist in years to come, the time to upgrade your factory FM radio is now and we have a universal solution for every car on the road.

With over 80+ DAB channels to choose from and a variety of in-car solutions, to meet your needs. DAB has arrived. DAB radio offers CD sound quality and a host of advanced features, such as DAB+ and DAB record. Listen to channels such as Talk Sport 1 and Talk Sport 2. Music channels, conversion and World Wide News channel are all available on DAB reception.


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DAB Radio upgrade for Mercedes

DAB radio upgrade for E-Class Mecedes.

Location of install: Liverpool.

Our client was complaining that they couldn’t listen to any sport channels and that they didn't want to opt for a replacement stereo.

The solution was the Denison universal DAB R+

DAB radio upgrade simply programmes into your existing stereo via a high quality FM chip.

Text information is displayed on your stereo and a convenient remote control is supplied, to preset upto 9 channels.

You do ofcourse, have access to all the DAB stations, currently running at over 80 channels!

The Denison DAR R+ also has an aux for music playback.

DAB radio upgrade for Aston Martin

DAB radio upgrade for Aston Martin.

Location for installation: London

Here is a great example of how the Dension DAB R + can upgrade your FM radio to DAB.

The Aston Martin has a very complicated amplified system, running on the M.O.S.T. technology.

Our DAB R+ uses the FM signal to send DAB signals. You also receive text information.

There is no removal of the stereo for this type of install, you simply have to use the supplied remote to program all your favourite DAB channels.

DAB radio install for my car

Installation of a DAB-A by Dension. for Jaguar XJ

Location of installation: North West.

The Dension DAB-A is an advanced universal digital radio upgrade, designed to integrate into any car.

The kit comes with a smart looking credit card size remote control to program the kit into your existing factory or aftermarket stereo.

Once locked in, you can then preselect upto 9 of your favourite DAB stations and store then onto the remote control.

The overall result is that you retain all your canbus features and have the luxury of listening to your radio in a digital format.