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In-car multimedia and its associated products play an exciting role in the car audio world. Our expectations grow ever more demanding. Multimedia companies such as Alpine, Pioneer and Kenwood who are global leaders, are helping to meet our expectations, and have an ever changing range of in-car DVD players, Single Din Navigation Screens and Double Din Navigation Screens.

­These products allow you and your family to enjoy your favourite DVD’s whilst on the move and watch digital TV through rear head rest monitors or roof mount monitors. The possibilities are endless and car audio installation companies such as fit4caraudio has vast experience of installing car compliant multimedia products and the ability to professionally and safely install all manner of in-car products.

Here is a great example of Alpine's Single Din Multimedia Screen designed to play DVD's with touch screen technology and hard drive Navigation. This type of single din monitor folds away to hide the screen when you switch your ignition off.­­­

Double din install installer fitter

Double din multimedia products have become the preferred all in one stereo for Sat Nav, Bluetooth, iPod and dvd playback.

With the right vehicle specific conversion pack and a professional install you will achieve a factory look. Double din stereos offer rear value for money because you are buying a single car audio product and not separates to do the same thing.

Adding an inexpensive active subwoofer with a four channel amplifier can also create that magical surround sound experience you get from the cinema into your car!­


Roof mounted dvd player install installer fitter

Roof Mounted Multimedia Screens

For people who have a growing family and happen to drive a 4x4, SUV or people carrier, then you should be considering a roof mounted screen. Choose from a 7 inch DVD monitor to a massive 15 inch screen. These multimedia screens incorporate the latest TFT DVD players, an AV aux for playing your MP3 and picture viewers. For that complete in-car DVD experience we can also send the sound through the car audio system or if you prefer supply inferred headphones for each passenger.

With an additional in-car inverter you can also incorporate a PSP or X-box for that complete mobile games experience! Have you thought about digital TV for your car?  Fit4caraudio engineers are trained multimedia professionals and only install car compliant products. It’s not just about installing the latest gadget, CEA rating's about a safety and attention to detail.

rear screen head rest install installer fitter

Rear Screen Head Rest Monitors

Rear screen entertainment allows you to keep your vehicle integrity and incorporate a pair of fixed multimedia screens imbedded in the headrests. With modern installation techniques the original ones are simply removed and replaced with like for like headrests with the DVD screens already fixed in. All wiring is channelled through hollow bars and concealed underneath the passenger and drivers seat. The results are stunning with a factory OEM look. A typical rear screen installation could include a “master/slave” set up, inferred headphone, digital TV through its AV inputs and of course your favourite games console via an inverter.­

digital TV install installer fitter

Digital TV for your car

If you already have an analogue TV tuner and would like to upgrade to a digital TV then Alpine has the answer!

Alpine’s digital receiver has top class electronics fitted to produce the best possible digital picture possible on the move. The TV kit also has two active aerials and a remote control. All freeview channels are available as they are from your home set top box.

double din for my VW transpoter install installer fitter

Here is an example of a class leading ­Double Din Multimedia Station by Kenwood installed in a VW Transpoter 2013 plate.

This particular stereo has a built-in Navigation, Bluetooth for hands free calling as well as a DVD player. For good measure the stereo has a camera interruption feature which allows a r­eversing camera to override the screen when reverse is engaged.

This double din install was completed in Liverpool.

roof mounted dvd player for vw transpoter. install installer fitter

Roof mounted dvd players can really add some excitement for the whole family. Choose from a range of 9”, 11” upto 15” dvd monitors. Most these multimedia packages come with inferred headphones and AV inputs and outputs so that you can add additional products such as digital TV and games consoles.

This multimedia install took place in North Wales.

Rear screen dvd headrest install installer fitter

Here is an example of a Rear Screen Multimedia installation for a Nissan Quashqi 2005.

Rear screen entertainment allows you to keep your vehicle integrity and incorporate a pair of fixed multimedia screens embedded in the headrests. With modern installation techniques the original ones are simply removed and replaced with like for like headrests with the DVD screens already fixed in. All wiring is channelled through hollow bars and concealed underneath the passenger and drivers seat. The results are stunning with a factory OEM look. A typical rear screen installation could include a “master/slave” set up, inferred headphone, digital TV through its AV inputs and of course your favourite games console via an inverter.

This mobile install was completed in Runcorn.

alpine roof mounted dvd player for mercedes vivaro

Here we see the top end Alpine 11” roof mount multimedia screen. The vehicle it was installed in is the Mercedes Vivaro. The Alpine roof mount represents the best screen you can buy and what a fantastic picture! The package also comes with a set of inferred headphones and a remote control.

This installation and fitting was carried out in Rochdale.

Roof mounted DVD install for Ford

When it comes to multimedia products Alpine rule the waves!

Their roof mounted DVD monitor is a must have product if you simply want a high def picture. As you can see the install is a very complex one involving cutting the roof lining out. The next stage is to build a MDF platform to bring the level to the lining level. The final stage is then to route your AV cable and screw the DVD monitor in. Sound easy but it’s actually a 4 hour job.

You need to call out a multimedia specialist for this type of installation work. fit4caraudio engineers are trained and accredited for multimedia work.

We offer a mobile fitting service in the Rochdale area so please call on 0161 282 1891 for any advice and support.

 Audio upgrade for a BMW X1 2014

­­Audio Upgrade for a BMW X1 2014 plate

Our client had recently bought the BMW X1 SE model. This vehicle is quipped with the Professional i-drive system and has active subwoofers built under the seat.The speakers however, were of a poor quality and none amplified.

The brief was to make the car sound more dynamic and produce a much livelier sound stage. We recommended the Rainbow custom fit speakers for the front and a 2 channel amplifier to drive the speakers. The BMW professional stereo has no pre-outs for the amplifier so we installed a sophisticated line convertor.

For good measure we also soundproofed the doors! After 6 hours of intense installation the BMW upgrade was complete. After a careful set up of the crossovers and gain adjustment the audio system was transformed!It was a very pleasing result our client was delighted with our efforts.

If you require any form of audio upgrade for your vehicle please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0161 282 1891.

The BMW X1 audio installation was carried out in Cheshire.

Double Din Multimedia screen BMW X5

Double Din upgrade screen for BMW X5 2003 - Merseyside district

In this particular installation, we had to saw away part of the internal carcass. The X5 is designed to hold a single din stereo, however the new Double Din facia adapter kit allows for a modern day multimedia screen to be installed. Our engineers also attached a Can-bus module box to retain steering wheel control.

The finished result is a sleek all-in-one OE­M looking Sat Nav. Bluetooth and iPod music player.

DVD head rest monitors installed in Honda CRV

Rear Screen Headrest Monitors installed in a Honda CRV - Lancashire area

Our client had bought these DVD monitors of the interest and asked for a professional fitting service. The DVD headrest install is a complex affair, stripping the back seats and hiding all the wiring. The power comes from the fuse box and all AV cables come with the kit.

The finished result is a sleek, tidy looking headrest. This particular multimedia kit also comes with its own inferred headphones.

Double Din Sat Nav for Peugeot RCZ

Multimedia install for Peugeot RCZ

Multi media install of a Pioneer Double Din Screen. The Peugeot RCZ has become a very popular car for the young driver; it’s a CAN, driven car so it needs a full CanBus SWC adapter. A universal double din conversion kit is also required. Careful masking of the gloss black facia, will ensure a scratch free install. The installation took approximately 2 hours and the results was simply stunning!

One very happy client!

This was the feedback from our client:

“Hi Bill
Thanks ever so much for coming out here and fitting the unit for me! As I said earlier I am very glad to have your expertise on the matter as I am sure I’d still be out there now no closer to completion!
Thanks again and it was great to meet you as well.

This install was posted on 24 January 2015

Roof Mounted DVD Player for my Car

Roof Mounted DVD player installed in a Ford Galaxy

Our client wanted the best 11” DVD player that was capable of producing HD quality images. The VST brand has always been our first choice, out stripping the mighty Alpine brand, when it comes to sound and image quality.

This particular multimedia player has an AV input for external sources (such as a digital TV tuner) and an AV output.

It is a beautifully designed product with many cleaver features, such as interchangeable facia! You can have inferred headphones with this product or use it’s in-build FM transmitter.

As you can see the VST DVD roof mounted player adds a touch of class to this vehicle.

Our installation services were carried out in the Carlisle region.

Double Din Multimedia Installation in Ford mondeo

Double Din Multimedia Installation in Ford mondeo 2014

The Ford Mondeo is one of Britain’s favourite cars. Whilst the vehicle is reliable and great to drive; its audio quality lets it down! In this installation we installed the very capable Kenwood Double din multimedia screen and a reversing camera. With a Canbus conversion kit, you can still retain all factory level controls and trip information. The finished result is a clean, OEM looking result with an upgrade of audio and visual functions.

Our multimedia installation work was carried out in the Blackpool region.

Roof mounted DVD player installed in a VW Camper.

Roof Mounted DVD player installed in a VW Camper Van

With the summer holidays upon us, we all need to entertain your kids! An increasingly popular installation is a DVD roof mounted player.

This type of install requires the roof lining to be removed and a metal plate to be installed.

The pictures will take you through the install. The finished result is a great enhancement to the overall look and audio enhancement to your vehicle.

This particular DVD multimedia installation was carried out in the Hales Barns district; south Manchester.

Roof mounted DVD player for Porsche Cayanne.

Roof mounted DVD player for Porsche Cayanne

The mighty Porsche Cayenne has a complex fibre optic MOST system to drive the audio and video.

However the manufactures do not offer a roof mounted DVD monitor.

Our client wanted the best of the best; a HD 10.2” monitor with inferred headphones.

The installation of the roof mount monitor is a complex one and you have to avoid the side air bags at all cost!

Once completed, the result is great and adds to the drama of the interior.

DVD Headrest monitors in a Audi Q7

DVD Headrest install in a 2017 Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 multimedia install was and is a complex job! The seats are tailored and required careful removal of the rear panels and internal horse shoe clips.

Once you have dismantled the back of the seats, the DVD install can begin. Ignition is taken from the accessory section from the fuse box.

It’s a good 3 hour job to achieve this kind of result and the Audi Q7 deserves nothing less.

This particular install was carried out in the Workington, Cumbria region.

Digital TV and reversing Camera install in Range Rover Sport
Complete multimedia install in a Range Rover Sport. West Yorkshire.

Our client wanted a rear screen entertainment system for his grandchildren, but also an upgrade of the factory screen with a digital TV system.

If that wasn’t enough, our client’s wife insisted on a rear parking system!

This was a full blown multimedia install in their Range Rover Sport.

The install ticked all the boxes and was a great addition to an already heavily specked car.

Multimedia Stereo for Porsche 911

Pioneer Double Din for Porsche 911.

Our client had bought a Porsche 911,  and realised that the factory audio system was outdated and not to their requirements.

They wanted to install a top line Pioneer Double Din multimedia stereo with dab radio,  Bluetooth hands free and music streaming, not forgetting Satellite Navigation.

The Complexity of this install is that the Porsche system runs on the MOST. ring; which means the multimedia system is networked with fibre optics.

Fortunately, there are MOST. integration cables available and with great care and due diligence, a rewarding result can be achieved!

Our installation services was carried out in Southampton region.

Multimedia Install in Jeep Cherokee.

Multimedia Install in Jeep Cherokee.

The Chrysler Grand Cherokee has a complex audio system utilising an on-board amplifier. In order to install a Double Din Kenwood, we needed a Can-bus conversion kit to retain steering wheel control and an additional outer facia.

The Kenwood stereo has all the modern day features you would expect, Satellite Navigation, Bluetooth music streaming and camera interruption. Our client also wanted rear screen headrests to complete the multimedia experience.

Our engineers also added a reversing camera to complement the factory fitted reversing sensors.

This was a complex but rewarding installation, carried out in the Teesside region.



Stereo replacement for Bentley 2005.

Mulimedia install for Bentley.