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iPod and iPhone kit for your car

Over the last decade the Apple products have changed the way we all listen to and store our digital music. The CD has all but become redundant! One company that is at the forefront of the digital revolution is Dension. A global leader of in-car iPod and iPhone entertainment systems, producing high quality products and solutions for your car. Dension entertainment solutions enable you to connect digital data sources like iPhone, iPod, USB, or any Bluetooth capable phone to your existing car audio system without making any changes external changes to your dashboard.

This Hungarian company has been developing iPod and iPhone car kits for over a two decades. Seen by many in this sector as the market leaders, Dension car kits will seamlessly integrate your digital music into your car audio system. In fact The Hungarian company has a strong global presence and is sure to have an iPod or iPhone car kit for your vehicle no matter what make or model of vehicle you have.

Car manufacturers are trying very hard to control the iPod and iPhone integration market for themselves seeing it as a healthy source of profit. However, by the time their factory option comes to market it’s already a couple of years old!

A Dension car kit will have the latest firmware and be compatible with the latest generation of Apple products. If you want to enhance your listening pleasure and keep your vehicle integrity, have a look at their fantastic range of iPod and iPhone Car kits and you will begin to understand why Dension is the world leader in the iPod and iPhone integration market.­

ipod kit for my car

­Universal iPod and iPhone car kit – Dension ice link (FM)

The ice link one is a universal iPod car kit solution for your vehicle.

You only need to have an FM radio and you are compatible. Unlike the awful wireless FM transmitters, the ice link one is a hard wired solution so the sound quality is as good as your existing radio reception!

Dension has the ability to deliver easy iPod solutions for any vehicle and their universal iphone car kit is a great way to integrate digital music playback into your car. Here are some of the main features of the ice link FM.

Listen to your iPod on your car radio via FM Hard-wired solution for excellent sound quality, Simple, clip-on air vent mount, Works in any vehicle with an FM radio, Automatic on/off detection and iPod charging, Additional Aux input source, Seven user-selectable FM frequencies,Transferable from vehicle to vehicle.­

ipod and iphone car kit install

­Dension iPod, iPhone and USB car kit for your car - The Gateway 300

The Gateway 300 is a dedicated iPod and USB car kit for your car. This easy iPod kit works in the same manner as the Gateway 100 and comes complete with a vehicle specific cable and charger. The gateway 300 iPod car kit opens the world of USB playback. Great if you have passengers that like to carry their music on a flash drive.

As with all Dension products you get a crisp and fast response from the moment you plug your source equipment in. If you want to keep your dashboard uncluttered with that all important factory look but want to integrate a range of digital music sources then the Dension Gateway 300 is the car kit for you.­

Here are the main features of the Gateway 300 car kit.

  • Play and control iPod and USB music through the car stereo system
  • Display track information on your display screen, or on dashboard display, in your car
  • Retain the original dashboard aesthetic
  • Charge your iPod or iPhone in your car while driving
  • Auxiliary input for other audio devices.
Gateway 500 iPod car kit for ny car

Gateway 500 iPod car kit for BMW iDrive , Audi MMi MOST audio sytsems.

Supplied and installed the Gateway 500 iPod car kit for MOST systems and high end audio systems.

If your vehicle has a premium audio system coupled with a factory multimedia screen, then it is likely your audio is controlled via the MOST ring.

Vehicles such as BMW 5 series, 6 series, 7 series with iDrive, Audi A5, A7 and Audi A8 with MMI, Mercedes C-class, E-class and S-class and Porsche all use the MOST optical system. Audio and visual signals are carried via 2 optical signal carriers and then decoded through their dedicated module box.

Dension offers solutions for iPod car kits for BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche that allow seamless integration of your digital music playback via th­e MOST optical system. Gateway 500 iPod kits require professional installation. As certified Dension fitters we can safely install any of the Gateway 500 optical products into the car. Please be aware that certain vehicles ­will require your Dension product to be coded.

Please call sales and support for more advice on this.

ipod bluetooth car kit

Gateway 500S BT MOST optical iPod and hands free car kit

The Gateway 500S BT is the perfect match for MOST fiber optic systems. The latest generation of this iPod car kit now incorporates Bluetooth hands free calling.

Here are its’ main features:

  • Hands free calling directly from the car stereo via Bluetooth (microphone included)
  • Access to phone, phone book, music and other features via your menu control.
  • Easy to use interface, menu browsing and music information on your car display (if available)
  • Sound of music, videos, navigation, podcasts etc. through your existing speakers
  • A2DP music streaming - enables a wide selection of phones to connect
  • Phone battery charging on the go
  • iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone compatible
  • Aux-in available.
dension ipod and iphone car kit for my

­Do you need a hands free kit in your car? Want to listen to hours of uninterrupted music on those long journeys? Have a smartphone and want to use it in the car? iPod or iPhone 5 integration? Then Dension has a car kit for your vehicle; they are a trusted household name for accessories such as bluetooth hands free kit, hands free iPhone car kit, iPod adapter for your car, iPod kit for your car.

Here are the list of manufactures that Dension have ipod and iphone car kits for:

Dension ipod and iphone kit for my Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Chysler, Citroen, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, jaguar, Jeep, Kia Motors, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, SSangYong, Subaru, Tata, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo.­­­­­­

dension gateway install installation fitter for Audi TT
Are you looking for an iPod install, have a faulty CD changer and would prefer to play your digital library? Consider a Dension iPod or iphone car kit.

Depending on your vehicle you can play your entire digital song via the Dension kit and have text information. Full control of your iPod is via your stereo and steering wheel control.

This iPod car kit install was completed in Nelson.

dension gateway 500 install for a bmw x5 2007

Gateway 500 iPod car kit for a BMW (X5 2007)

Here is an example of a fibre optic installation, the Gateway 500 ipod/iphone car kit. The on-board vehicle’s display shows the iPod menu; via i-drive you have full control of your media source. In this Dension install the CD changer has been disconnected and left in its slot. If you require an iPod kit for your BMW or want the Gateway 500 installed in the vehicle please call our office. (Please do not attempt this BMW install yourself. You need to understand how the MOST i-drive system works and how to program the Gateway 500 kit in.)

The Gateway 500 for this BMW vehicle was installed in Stoke.

Gateway 500 install for Porsche 911

Gateway 500 install for Porsche 911

Our client wanted the best sound quality and a seamless fully integrated solution for digital music playback.

The Porsche 911 runs on the M.O.S.T. fibre optic ring, so it’s a complex and technical install. Dension’s Gateway 500 and 500s are the products suited for this type of vehicle. Dension offer a whole family of fibre optic driven products and are designed to fully make use of any on-board text display.

It's an intense strip out of the dashboard to make way for the Gateway cables.

After 4 hours of work, the results are there to be seen and heard!

This Dension iPod kit for the Porsche 911 took place in South Manchester.

Post was added on 5 May 2014

Aux input for Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Aston Martin AUX input V8 Vantage 2007 plate

Our client had a simple brief to install an AUX in his Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The install was anything but simple! The goods were supplied from world renowned NAV TV who supply the leading car audio companies with fibre optic MOST products. The key behind this install was to dismantle the handcrafted dashboard to get to the Fibre optic MOST input and plug our AUX box in-line. Once we had that done, it was a case of finding suitable power.

The installation took just over 3 hours to do. The result is a tidy set of aux leads in the glove compartment and a manual switch installed in the cigarette compartment.

This audio installation was completed in the Lancashire region.

Bluetooth car kit for Maserati Grandturismo

Installation of a music streaming Bluetooth car kit, for Maserati Grandturismo

Our client called several car audio installation companies who are local to them.

When asked the question; was it possible to install a music streaming iPod/Bluetooth car kit for their Maserati Grandturismo? they were told no, or near impossible!

Fortunately for us, we received a call from this client, expressing an interest for a Bluetooth car kit with streaming capabilities. Our engineers assured our client that it was possible to have such a car kit and set about installing the Mki 9200 steaming music kit.

The install was complex and requires several cables to integrate the Bose amplified system!

As the pictures will help describe, once the dashboard has been dismantled, there is ample room for all the cables.

This music streaming car kit install, for the Maserati Grandturismo was carried out in the London area.

Parrot iPod and Bluetooth car kit install in a BMW 3 series

Parrot iPod and Bluetooth car kit install in a BMW 3 series

The Parrot Mini has evolved into a really sophisticated iPod/Bluetooth car kit. Here is an install we carried out on a BMW 3 series, with the 16:9 screen format.

It’s a great addition to the already good sound system. The Parrot Mini allows for music streaming and hands free car communication, all in one screen. Notice the "i-Drive" styled remote control.

This particular installation work was carried out up in the Scottish borders.

This post was added on the 15 March 2015.

Gateway 500s BT installed in a Porsche Cayenne.

OEM styled Bluetooth and iPod integration

This installation requires a very cool head and a lot of patience! Our instructions were to incorporate into the Porsche PCM system a Gateway 500s BT.

The Dension Gateway will emulate an OEM Bluetooth and iPod integration with music streaming. The Gateway 500s BT, needs to be coded and the vehicle allowed to “sleep” for about 45mins.

Once the MOST system sees the Dension module box, it codes it and integrates it into it’s software.

This particular Dension installation service, was carried out in South Wales.

ipod integration for my Audi

Dension Gateway 500 installation in an Audi A6 2006

The Gateway 500 is a fibre optic module box, designed to seamlessly integrate into the Audi MMI software.

If you have an existing CD changer in your vehicle and you have the MOST ring, then you can have a gateway iPod kit installed.

The results are stunning, in terms of sound quality! Your iPod/iPhone music menus can now be controlled direct via your OEM dial and steering wheel controls.

Our installation Service was carried our around the M25 boundary.