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apple carplay and android auto integration

apple carplay and android auto for your car

Apple Carplay and Android Auto is now available for your car

CVA will supply and install these new multimedia integration products for your car, please enquire via our contact number or send our team an email.

This latest generation of advanced kits also has LVDS inputs for front and rear camera, so you get the best of all worlds in one box.

Enjoy fully integrated Apple Carplay and Android Auto in your BMW, AUDI, LEXUS, MERCEDES, FORD, VW and most other makes of car.

Carplay/ Android Auto for Mercedes E-Class 2015

Retrofit Carplay/ Android Auto and reversing camera to a 2015 Mecedes E-Class with NGT 4.5 software.

The original screen and command dial is used to retrofit a piece of new hardware which when activated, allows use of your smartphone apps.

Google / Waze advanced mapping, hands-free calling, music app streaming controlled via Siri or Google voice commands.

These are 100% plug and play installs so are fully reversible and do not cause any damage to the OEM audio system.


Carplay for my BMW Mini Copper Works

BMW Mini Cooper Works

Location of installation: Wales

Our client wanted Apple Carplay integrated into their factory screen.

Primary use was for Google and Waze mapping with hands free calling, but also wanted to retain all the features of the BMW i-Drive system.

Our Carplay and Android Auto Kit integrates perfectly within i-Drive system. All functions are controlled via the i-Drive dial.

The kit is plug and play, and works seamlessly.

apple carplay and android auto for my BMW car

Android Auto and Apple Carplay integration into the i-drive iD5 evo system

Vehicle: BMW 320i 2018 plate with 6.5" none touch screen

Location of installation: Home counties: London

With our modern day smart phones offering a host of advanced multimedia features with ever increasing speed, it is no wonder we all want to integrate our phones into our car audio systems.

The dominance of Apple Carplay and Android Auto has lead to car manufactures having to rethink their own multimedia offerings, but they have been slow in keeping pace! fortunately we are able to offer retrofit Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration for your car.

Here is an example of the best of both platforms being integrated into the BMW 320i 2018 plate vehicle. Our kit is plug and play and does not disturb any other functions offered in your car.

It is a win-win situation, keep your existing functions and add the latest technologies offered in your smart phones.

apple carplay/android auto for my Audi

Audi RS3 with retrofit Apple Carplay/Android Auto Integration

Our client requested a more dynamic Satellite Navigation system without having to change the Audi system and at the same time have Siri voice activation.

The solution was a retrofit apple carplay integration made for Audi. Our advance multimedia box will not only integrate carplay, but also android auto/ reversing and front camera all in one compact solution.

The installation is plug and play and can be completely removed from the vehicle without any trace of any compromise.

Apple carplay and android auto is available for all of the Audi range of cars.

apple carplay for BMW 2004 6-series (CCC)

Retrofit apple carplay for 2004 BMW 6-series

Our client wanted to bring the (CCC. i-Drive), upto date for the 21st century.

We looked at several solutions and the most comprehensive solution was a retrofit apple carplay solution.

The integration kit allows all the features of Siri Voice Control, Google Maps, Waze and Watsapp.

The carplay box simply requires you to plug your i-phone charger cable to its USB input and carplay icons will appear on the home screen.

Location of installation: London

Carplay for Audi Q7

Carplay integartion my Audi Q7 2009 plate

Location of installation: Cheshire

Our client wanted to have an updated mapping system and hands free calling. The original MMi system is expensive to replace, so the logical step was to integrate carplay into the AUDI MMI.

It all looks origial and is silky smooth, all at a fraction of the price.

Android Auto for Range Rover Evoque

Apple Carplay/Android Auto integration for Range Rover Evoque 2012 plate.

Location of installation: Peterborough.

This particular Range Rover does has have factory Navigation and to change the entire audio system to an aftermarket one would be too expensive!

Our Apple carplay /Android Auto integration kit offers all the advanced features of your smart phone integrated into the facory screen.

The kit is plug and play so does not affect your warranty and you have the convenience of all the SWC functions.

Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto for my Audi A1

Wireless Carplay for my Audi A1

With our carplay/android auto integration kit, you can enjoy all the benefits of smart apps offered via your smartphone.

The kits are 100% plug & play and do not effect any part of the factory system.