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Reversing Cameras and Parking Aids

reversing sensor install ­­Rear parking sensors are an invaluable upgrade to your car. Here is an example of a 4-eye sensor system, fitted to a Ford Focus 2008 plate. The sensors are colour coded to match the paintwork for a real factory look! The system actives when you select reverse, and de-activates when the driver disengages reverse gear.

Why would you consider parking sensors?

Dents to your bumpers or under body panels can happen all too easily when parking in unfamiliar or confined spaces. Front and rear parking sensors, can help to eliminate blind spots created by side mirrors, so helping to avoid these pitfalls. Vehicle sensors, not only make parking less stressful and safer, they could pay for themselves in a short time. The excess on your vehicle insurance usually means you'll end up paying the full cost of any relatively minor damage, or it could mean the loss of no claims bonus!

Few of us might admit that we are not the best drivers when it comes to parking in very tight spaces. A set front and rear sensors will help correct bad technique and make your driving experience more safer.

Reversing Camera install on Nassan Navara
Reversing Camerafor Nissan Navera - Cardiff.

Here is an example of a multimedia install complete with a reversing camera. The Kenwood double din touch screen is a high end Sat Nav/Bluetooth/ipod and USB player.

The Nissan vehicle required the dashboard to be removed along with various parts of the side trims. The reversing camera input cables are concealed underneath the carpet, for an OEM look. The overall installation of the audio equipment took over 3 hours to complete.

This particular audio installation took place in the Cardiff area.

Reversing Camera for VW Jetta
Reversing Camera for VW Jetta.

The VW Jetta has a factory Kenwood multimedia screen. These touch screen navigation stereos are coded just to accept the Kenwood CMOS range. In our installation, we used the Kenwood CMOS 220 reversing camera. The camera interruption system is controlled via the CAN system, so there is no need to take a reversing signal. The picture is as clear as day and is a real aid to parking in tight situations.

This particular installation was carried out in the North West region.

Reversing Sensors for VW Transporter.
Reversing Sensors for VW Transporter.

We return to the VW Transporter, in Viper Green. This time to carry out a 4-eye reversing sensor install.

The Transporter has a low bumper, so we had to use angled sensors, so that the ground was not picked up.

Colour coded and lacquered to suit the vehicle, the Steelmate sensors looked great!

The installation for this parking aid was carried out in Manchester.

Reversing Camera for Nissan Navara 2008
Reversing Camera for Nissan Navara 2008.

This was an install that we didn’t enjoy doing, only because it was a real cold winters morning; it was minus 1 degree.

The installation of the reversing camera was absolutely fine and our installer, found it very rewarding.

The camera is triggered through the NAV TV smart box and reverse gear. The smart box interrupts the navigation screen and displays the reversing camera or an aux AV input.

This particular installation was installed in the Oldham area.

Notes posted on 17 January 2015.

Reversing Camera for BMW
OEM Style Reversing Camera for BMW 1, 3, 5, 6 Series (CiC & NBT) system.

Our client popped over to his local BMW dealership in Cardiff. Their requirements was to have an OEM styled reversing camera installed that utilised the idrive software.

BMW quoted a mouth watering £2000.00 fitted! Granted it's a complex installation, requiring a thorough understanding of the CANbus date system and MOST fibre optics. fit4caraudio engineers spend 4 hours prepareing and installing this dedicated idrive camera. The finished result is an exact copy of the factory fitted reversing camera system, used by BMW. As our picture demonstrates, when you turn the steering wheel left or right, the guidelines synchronise with the turning! Our quote came in at less than half the BMW quote.

This installation of the reversing aid was carried out in Cardiff.

Reversing aid for Ford Mondeo
­­Reversing Sensors for Ford Mndeo.

Our client had recently scraped their bumper, of their much beloved Ford Mondeo. Insurance cost put the repair bill at our £400.00 for a direct replacement.

Opting to leave the scratch as it is and deciding to have some form of deterrent fitted instead: fit4caraudio installers recommended a 4-eye rear parking system with an on-board dash display. Not only do you get and audio beep but you also get a digital readout, with converging LED lights.

It’s about a 3 hour labour install with some great results.

This parking aid install was carried out in the Merseyside district.

Posted on 14 February 2014.

reversing camera for range rover sport
Digital TV and Reversing Camera for a Range Rover Sport 2010.

Here is a great example of a Digital TV tuner and a reversing camera, installed in a Range Rover Sport 2010.

This vehicle is already equipped with a host of advanced features, such as the MOST Harman Kardon audio system, touch screen sat nav and a host of CANbus controlled functions.

The Digital TV comes from an Alpine TV tuner, and the reversing camera is vehicle specific.

The entire installation centres on the MOST fibre optic control box and a CANbus driven reversing signal box. It’s a complicated install, which requires the removal of the dashboard and a thorough knowledge of MOST products and wire looping.

The finished results are simply stunning, giving a rich and colourful digital TV picture as well as a clear sharp picture generated from the NTSC revering camera.

This particular reversing camera installation for the Range Rover Sport, was carried out in the London area.

dual reversing camera for a Fiat motorhome
Here is a typical example of a dual reversing camera system for a Fiat motor home.

The motor home has many blind spots and when towing, adds to the problem. With a dedicated rear view mirror monitor connected to a dual camera system; that problem is minimised.

Our client preferred the system to be controlled via a manual switch, so he had complete control. One camera has a 120 degree viewing angle and the second camera has a 170degree viewing angle.

The combined effect is that our client has the piece of mind, knowing that they can safely reverse in tight spots!

This particular installation was carried out in Lancashire.

Steelmate Sensors installation on a Volvo V80
Front and Rear 4-eye parking sensors installed onto a Volve V80.

Our client wanted a complete parking aid solution and opted to buy the Steelmate 8-eye parking system. The eyes and colour coded to the vehicle and is a perfect match.

The Volvo is a very difficult vehicle to negotiate with, but with careful placement of the sensors, you can avoid having to dismantle the bumpers!

This particular fitting job, took just over 4 hours and the results were just as we expected.

Our installation services was carried out in the Cumbria area.

Parking aid and reversing camera installation
Rear View Camera with Clip-on mirror monitor.

Here we have a universal parking aid solution! A clip-on rear view mirror monitor and a reversing camera.

Designed to fit any vehicle; it is both practical and cost effective. Our client was delighted by the quality of the picture and ease of use.

Simple select reverse gear and the mnitor become a rear view screen.

This parking aid installation was carried out in the Burton on Trent area.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors installed on a Lexus IS200
Front and Rear Parking Sensors installed on a Lexus IS20
The Lexus Is 200 is a formidable car, and there are many obstacles to overcome, when installing sensors. The bumpers offer a limited space to work with and you have to be very accurate as to how to set up your template.

Our engineers are very experienced in these matters and are able to tackle such complicated situations. We only ever supply and install the Steelmate brand of sensors, so as to produce the best results! This particular installation of sensors takes over 4 hours to complete. The overall results however, are great and the colour code sensors are a perfect match to the bumpers.

A very satisfied client and engineer, is the result we always strive for.

This particular parking aid install was carried out in the Nottingham area.

Reversing Camera installed into a motorhome
Reversing Camera installed into a motorhome.

Revering sensors on long wheel base vehicles, are not always ideal parking aid solution, they cannot show hidden blind spots. A cost effective solution to this common problem, is a reversing camera.

If your vehicle has a multimedia double din, then you can use it’s camera interruption; however if you don’t; which is often the case, then a rear view mirror monitor is your best solution! Here is a installation of such a system fitted in a long wheel base motor home.

As you can see the mirror monitor is a great parking aid solution for any vehicle.

This particular install was carried out in the North Wales area.

Reversing Camera for Nissan Navara
Reversing Camera for Nissan Navara.

In this installation of a reversing camera, we opted to use the rear view clip on mirror monitor. The Standard stereo did not have an AV input, so the cost effective option was to use a clip-on mirror system. The reversing camera is of a very high quality and used a new technology, known as “True View”.

The final part of the install was to add a manual switch to control the on/off camera operation.

This installation of the reversing camera was carried out in the Scottish region.

OEM style reversing camera for BMW X5 2014

Dedicated OEM styled reversing camera for BMW X5.

Technically, this is a very challenging installation. The i-Drive screen has to be removed as well as most of the centre dashboard.
The reversing camera module box is installed behind the main stereo and the cables neatly tucked away. The BMW OEM. styled reversing camera is a great addition to an already high spec. vehicle. As you turn the steering wheel, left or right, the guide lines navigate proportionally.
Our installation services was carried out in the Cheshire region.


OEM styled reversing camera for a BMW X5 with CiC software.

OEM styled reversing camera for a BMW X5 with CiC software.

Our client, based in London, wanted an OEM styled reversing camera incorporated into his i-Drive.  The BMW X5 has a very comprehensive list of features but does not come with an integrated reversing camera.

As you can gather, parking in and around London can be tricky, especially when parking space is a premium. The OEM camera package allows for a seamless fit into the CiC software that also allows for a spilt screen view, so your factory parking sensors are still displayed.

There is s a typical saving of about £300.00 compared for a like for like product offered by the dealership.

This particular installation service was carried out in the London, Westminster region.

Post was added on 17 January 2016.


OEM reversing camera for Freelander 2

OEM reversing camera for Freelander 2 2016.

Installation of an OEM styled reversing camera for a Free Lander 2. 2016 plate. This particular vehicle has GEN3. touch screen and factory fitted parking sensors with on-board graphics.

The camera interruption box overrides the navigation screen and parking graphics, but still retains the beeping.

Reversing camera installation is a great aid for parking and can save costs and helps eliminate blind spots!

Our installation service was carried out in the Cumbria district.



Retro fit reversing camera for BMW X5 2009

i-Drive controlled reversing camera for my BMW.

Here is another great example of the type of installation services we carry out. The BMW X5 is a large vehicle and can sometimes be a difficult car to reverse into tight spots.

The edition of a reversing camera is a useful parking aid and takes the guess work out of manoeuvring. The active guidelines are also a great feature of this installation.

This OEM styled reversing camera kit designed for the CIC and NBT software works are treat, and offers a factory look and feel.

Our installation services and fitting was carried out in Swansea, South Wales.

Reversing camera for Mercedes E220 2016

Reversing Camera for Mercedes E220. 2016

Our Client, based in South Wales required an OEM styled reversing camera, which worked with the Mercedes NTG4.5 software.

There are several integration boxes available, but only one kit will give you the active guidelines.

The camera is compact and looks part of the rear lip; it’s discreet enough, not to be noticed!

As the driver switches into reverse the navigation screen will blank off and the camera picture will appear. The active guidelines will move from side to side as you turn your steering wheel, in that direction.

The overall result is bespoke and in keeping with the Mercedes design.

Our installation services for this reversing camera, was carried out in South Wales. 




Reversing Camera for Lexus CT200H 2016.

Reversing Backup Camera for Lexus CT200H 2016.

This reversing camera system is also available for the entire Lexus Range.

Our client was told by Lexus, that this vehicle cannot have a retro fit reversing camera, and that the installation would be too difficult to do.

The Lexus range of vehicles have very complex Canbus systems and these types of installs require some serious expertise.

CVA Supplies are expert retro installers, and are used to these type of problems to overcome,

Our suppliers are global leaders in their field and advised us on the install. The culmination of 6 hours labour and the result is a perfectly integrated oem. styled reversing camera system with active gridlines.

Our installation services was carried out in the London area.

Reversing Camera installation for BMW 4 -series

OEM styled reversing camera installation in a 4-Series BMW 2016 plate.

On a wet and dismal day, our engineers installed a retro fit reversing camera, for a 4-series BMW with NBT version i-Drive.

This particular install was very challenging in that the hard top convertible has many component parts that fold in, when to activate the drop down top button.

Our fitters carefully observed how the roof mechanism opened and close, then managed to route our camera cables away from these parts.

The camera install was one of the most difficult installs we have undertaken, the results however, was great!

Our picture paints a thousand words.

Our installation duty was carried out in the Kendal area.

Reversing Camera for my VW Tigwan

Retro fit reversing camera for VW range of Cars, in this example its the all new shape VW Tigwan.

Here is an example of installation a retro fit OEM styled reversing camera with a factory looking grab handle.

The camera image and angle of view, perfectly captures the important field of view.

The image is crisp, bright and clear, even in low light! This type of install also requires coding and our engineers have the latest coding soft- ware for all VW vehicles.

Our installation service was carried out in the Blackpool area.




Parking Camera for my Lexus IS300H 2015 plate London Area.

Reversing camera installation in a Lexus IS300H 2015 plate.

Location of installation: London area and home counties.

CVA Supplies offer a national fitting service throughout the UK. Our engineers travelled to Stevenage, to install a reversing camera for the Lexus IS300H.

Our client asked our team to have the reversing camera system, integrated into the Lexus on-board screen. It’s a complicated but rewarding install. Please feel free to call our office on 0161 282 1891 to ask to have a reversing camera installed in your Lexus.

Reversing Camera for Skoda Yeti

Retro fit reversing camera with active gridlines for Skoda Yeti.

The Skoda Yeti shares the same DNA as the VW /Audi range of cars. With the right reversing camera integration box and VAGCOM coding we were able to achieve a retro fit styled kit with active guidelines.
The OEM. Parking sensors are also retained and appear as a miniature ghost image.
This particular installation was carried out in the South Wales region.
Reversing Camera for Audi A3

Reversing Camera for my Audi A3. 2016 plate

Place of Installation: South West.

Our Client Based in the South West of the UK was after a bespoke reversing camera for their brand new Audi A3 Cabriolet.
The Audi A3 has the latest MMI software and the Boot lid required a made to measure camera housing plate.
As our pictures demonstrate the install gives you a feeling of factory fit and the camera plate is an exact replica of the original light fitting.
CVA Supplies are specialist retro fitters and installers of reversing camera and parking aids for all major car manufacturers.
Reversing camera system for my Porsche Cayenne

Reversing camera system for my Porsche Cayenne. 2013 plate

The Porsche Cayenne is a complicated vehicle with some of the best incar technologies on offer.

The M.O.S.T. system carries the audio and video signals and for that reason, this is not a vehicle that can be taken lightly.

Our client, based in South Wales wanted a reversing camera installed but also wanted an OEM look and feel so we had to integrate the image into the factory screen.

CVA Supplies offers camera integration kits for many, many vehicles and are experienced in the filed of install.

As you can see from the pictures the finished result is one of a clean and tidy finish and does not impact on any part of the dashboard.

Reversing camera for my Citroen DS5 2015

Citroen DS5 2015 reversing camera installation - Location Cumbria.

Here is an example of a reversing camera install, for a Citroen DS5 2015 plate.

The DS5 dashboard is complicated and requires a fair bit of dismantling. The camera kit has the software designed to work with the SMEG software, and offers dynamic gridlines which further aids the driver when reversing in tight spaces.

CVA Supplies are specialists in the supply and install of reversing cameras for most car manufactures out there.

We can supply and install reversing cameras for the entire Peugeot and Citroen range of cars.



Reversing camera for my Vauxhall Insignia 2015

Reversing camera for 2015 plate Vauxhall Insignia. Installation location is Essex.

Here is a great example of how to add a parking aid to your car.

An OEM style reversing camera not only make parking easier but also acts as a safety feature!

It will help you negotiate reversing into tight bends and visually warn you of any small obstructions.

The Dynamic gridlines is another added value feature of the integration box.

Call 0161 282 1891 to enquire about your parking aid requirements.

Reversing camera for my Audi Q3

Reversing Camera for my Audi Q3 2014 plate.

Here is an example of a reversing camera install in an Audi Q 2014 plate.  The vehicle has a on-board motorised screen on the dashboard and factory parking sensors. Our client required a visual picture, as the sensors could not pick up small objects when reversing.

A retro fit camera is the perfect solution, and also retains the factory parking system. In this install, we also used a grab handle to give the install a factory feel.

Location of installation work: London,  home counties.

reversing camera for my car




Reversing Camera.

If your vehicle has a multimedia screen built in or you don’t mind having an additional screen on your dashboard then consider a reversing camera.

These universal back up cameras have high quality display image and will give you a wide angle view of the rear. Here we highlight Pioneers ND BC6 rear view camera. The embedded CMOS sensor has auto adjust brightness in light or dark driving conditions. Parking cameras of this quality is as accurate as it is sensitive. White streaks as direct sunlight are dealt with as they enter the camera lens helping to eliminate over exposed images.

The real beauty of this type of parking assist is that they can also compliment a set of rear parking sensors.