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­­­­­The future of radio is DAB! Digital Audio Broadcasting.

Dab radio now accounts for over 70 percent of all radio listened to in the UK. It could hit over 95 percent by 2020.

If you are after a DAB radio for your car the choice is clear and the quality of the reception has also vastly improved. There are local, regional and national stations on DAB digital broadcast, and more than 98% of the population is covered by the DAB network. In-car DAB radio is the future of radio listening in your car.

It's not just more of the stations; there are new, boutique stations on DAB with programmes designed for a diverse listening population. So, rather than trying to be all things to all people, in-car DAB means you can have stations dedicated entirely to dance, hip-hop, garage, rock, jazz, big band, country, pop, soul and disco. Or your can get stations specifically for young children, the mature listener, ethnic communities, news junkies, sports fans, lovers of the spoken word, world music and environmentalists, classical buffs, other words, something for everyone.­

There are several car audio suppliers currently offering Dab radio for your car.

You can have a universal DAB tuner for your car that will utilise the aux input or ­FM tuner. This option will allow you to keep your factory stereo.

Another option would be to have a single din stereo that has an analogue tuner and a DAB tuner. The advantage of this is that you get a much better audio output from an aftermarket stereo.

Finally if the vehicle can accommodate a double din stereo then you could have an all in one DAB tuner, Sat Nav, bluetooth, dvd multimedia stereo.­

Need a DAB radio upgrade for your car? What crystal clear reception from your radio or simply what the best possible selection of Dab channels available. Look at in-car dab radio­.

double din dab radio for my car Double Din Dab radio for VW Transporter 2013.

Here is a great example of a Dab install for a VW Transporter. The Kenwood double din stereo is a high end multimedia touch screen player. The factory fitted stereo has been removed, a VW conversion kit with a dedicated Canbus adapter fitted and finally the DVD monitor installed.

The finished install is sleek, factory looking and offers a superb in-car entertainment system. Dab radio had become a standard feature of double din stereos and offers all the benefits of factory looks with aftermarket performance!
dab radio for my car
­Alpine universal Dab radio for your car. Ezi Dab

Car electronic giant Alpine have a simple and easy Dab solution for your vehicle. Ezi dab is the first serious high end universal dab system for your car. Its not a wireless FM modular but a hard wired solution utilising your factory aux or FM tuner. Build quality is second to none and its on board display is bright, clear and uncluttered. The Alpine Ezi Dab connects to your existing car stereo, providing outstanding Dab reception throughout the UK as well as the ability to connect and control iPod, iPhone, iPad or compatible usb­ devices.

The Ezi Dab comes with its own dedicated ­glass mount aerial and control panel. Easy access to all Dab stations is child’s play and the digital reception is excellent! Designed to be transferable from vehicle to vehicle, Alpine Ezi Dab is the choose of the fleet company, sales rep and the lover of high quality radio reception.­

Dension DAB R universal digital radio for any car.

Dension's DAB-R is a universal digital radio receiver, dsigned to be installed into any vehicle. The beauty of this digital radio system is it's ease of use via it's dedicated remote control, and text information capabilities.

Dension have been working to develope the DAB-R for over two years, extensively testing the European market with serveral car manufacturers.

The results of their tests have been excellent and very well received by the industry. To this day, Dension DAB-R has quickly become a market leader within the mobile digital broadcast arena.


Univrsal Dab radio for Alfa 159
The future of radio is DAB. Weather you have an aftermarket stereo or a factory fitted one, the day will come when we all have to make the switchover!

Thankfully, there are several great dab solutions for your vehicle. AUTODAB, has an outstanding reputation for reliability and reception. It’s a universal CANbus driven device that can be entirely controlled via your steering wheel controls. Our pictures clearly show that once the DAB box is installed, the result is a clutter free and offers a perfect solution for today’s radio listeners.

This particular mobile installation was carried out in the South Manchester area.

This post was added on 6 May 2014.

DAB aerial for BMW 3 series
DAB radio install for BMW 3 series.

This is a great example of bringing this much loved vehicle to the 21th century. The factory stereo was removed and a 3 series BMW conversion kit installed.  Alpine Dab radio was then installed as an aftermarket upgrade. The simple yet classy looks of the Alpine Stereo is the perfect partner for the simple 3-series dashboard.

The finished result is a stereo that can tune into over 80 digital radio stations and can really bring the factory audio system alive!

Our installation services was carried out in the North Wales region.

Aerial installation in Bentley Arnage
Aerial installation in Bentley Arnage
DAB radio for Fiat 500 2010
DAB radio for Fiat 500 2010.

The Fiat 500 has become a very popular car within the space of a few years. There are several accessory manufactures, now producing some important upgrades for this vehicle.

You can now retain the factory stereo and add a universal Dab system, to bring your FM radio channels to over 80+ digital channels.

As you can see from the picture, you get text RDS information from the factory stock.

This particular Dab install was installed in the Cheshire region.