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Genesis 2 channel amplifer GT2

Genesis 2 channel amplifier. (GT2 Black Edition)


Thermal bias tracking - Eliminates distortion
Custom capable design  - Create your own unique amplifier
DC sub level control - Eliminates noise pick up
Dual power supplies - For outstanding imaging and soundstage
Simultaneous crossovers - For complete system flexibility
Smart switching - automatically routes signal
Parametric EQ   Gives full adjustment of the subwoofer sound


2x 85 watts RMS     @ 4ohms
1x 125 watts RMS     @ 2ohms
Frequency response- 50hz - 200hz
Maximum Current Draw - 15 Amps
Signal noise ratio 100db
Frequency response- 50hz - 200hz
Input Sensitivity [Volts RMS] - 0.3 ~ 5
THD + Noise @ Rated Output -  0.1%

Genesis GT2 black.